My morning – a poem by: purejoy92


It’s my first time posting in the blog. I don’t like talking about my self a lot so lets just say that I’m simply a girl who loves to write and read. i hope you like this post. its a poem by me.

My Morning

i love my morning

specially when the birds are singing

for me, its so inspiring

when i see the birds flying

they keep me smiling

and they are always entertaining

i love it when the trees are swaying

and the flowers are dancing

it is nice when the air is breezing

and keeping me refreshed

the beauty of the blue sky

is quiet hard to be exactly described

but i will try

to do my best and say

it looks like the beautiful sea

and very pretty for the eyes to see

in the morning i love to drink my coffe

and enter the world of poetry

which totally amazes me


what a mesmerizing view it is

when the sun rises high in the sky

thank god we are blessed with

this amazing view every day

i wish everybody gets the full joy

of watching that view every day


2 responses to “My morning – a poem by: purejoy92

  1. beautiful poem ! 🙂


  2. Very Good 🙂

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